Teachers - 14th Potsdam HavelHop 2024 - International Lindy Hop Workshop

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April 28th - May 1st

12th POTSDAM HAVELHOP 2021International Lindy Hop Workshop



14th POTSDAM HAVELHOP 2024International Lindy Hop Workshop

14th POTSDAM HAVELHOP 2024International Lindy Hop Workshop

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Fabien Vrillon & Lisa Clarke

Fabien  and Lisa met in Herrang, Sweden in 2010 and have been teaching and  dancing together ever since. Coming from different backgrounds they both  bring their own particular expertise, talents, and enthusiasm to the  partnership.
Fabien  comes from France and has been teaching swing dancing since 2004,  specializing in lindy hop and blues. His love of choreography has led to  him to choreograph a number of successful showcases performed at ILHC  and other events, as well as the recent ‘French Connection’ Team that  placed 2nd at ILHC and ESDC.
Lisa  is a professional dancer from London, now living in France. Classically  trained from the age of 6 she discovered her love for all styles of  dance whilst studying for her degree in Theatre Dance at London Studio  Centre. After leaving college she worked professionally in the  commercial dance world. She then discovered and fell in love with lindy  hop and blues and has immersed herself in all things swing ever since.
Together and separately they have competed and placed in many competitions. (recently 3rd place in the pro showcase 2017 and winning 1st place in the open showcase at ILHC, 3rd place in the Classic Open at ILHC, 3rd  place in showcase at Camp Hollywood in LA in 2016. They were also  European Swing dance Champions in the slow lindy division in 2013, 2nd place in 2015).
Their fun natured  teaching style, yet ability to breakdown a movement, means their classes  are a perfect mix for those wanting to progress their dancing.
Constantly pushing  themselves in their own dancing means they understand the work that goes  into becoming a better dancer and are passionate about sharing their  experiences and helping others to achieve their goals.
Irina Amzashvili & Anthony Chen

Dancing has always been a passion for Irina, her expression completely and boundlessly inspired by music. She began learning Lindy Hop at the age of 15 and fell in love with it after her first night of social dancing. Since then, her passion for Swing dancing expanded to include solo Jazz, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag.
Since her start in Lindy Hop in 2009, Irina has competed and taught across the U.S. as well as Europe, Asia, and Australia. As a teacher her goal is to patiently guide her students through building solid foundation and technique as well as inspiring unique and personal movement and rhythm. Irina’s greatest joy as a teacher is to see her students progress with their dancing, no matter the increment.

Beginning with his more traditional roots, Anthony started dancing at age 8 when his parents convinced him to learn and perform Chinese lion dances. At age 15 he was introduced to breakdancing at a speech and debate tournament, and shortly thereafter he found his home in the local swing community in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he quickly fell in love with Lindy Hop. Throughout his dancing career he has trained in several other styles from hip-hop to Argentine Tango to West Coast, but most of all he enjoys using this background to expand upon his technique and creativity in Lindy Hop. On the social dance floor, he is known to be playful, musical, and clear.  He holds first place titles from events such as Lindyfest and Lone Star Championships, Montreal Swing Riot, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, Lindy Focus, and International Lindy Hop Championships. His teaching style focuses on energy, technique and connection theory, and his love of both leading and following has been instrumental to making the classes that he teaches both clear and intuitive.  He is an active scene builder in his community and founded Salt Lake Swing, where he also teaches locally.
Jo Hoffberg & Daniil Nikulin
Jo Hoffberg is a longtime bigwig of the Lindy Hop Community. She's taken first place at the American Lindy Hop Championships, International Lindy Hop Championships, National Jitterbug Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, and European Swing Dance Championships.

When she's not competing, she's teaching students around the world how to dance. From beginner to masters, she gives classes in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz, competition, and teacher training.

Daniil Nikulin. Within thirteen years of his dance journey, Daniil has explored different sides of Jazz Dances, has been a winner of many competitions in Europe & the USA and has travelled to more than 23 countries to share his passion for dance through teaching and performing.

While having a reputation as a world-class dance artist, personally Daniil always stays an introverted coffee lover that simply can’t resist a good swinging beat of Duke Ellington’s music.

Maxi Prado & Agus Zero

Agus Zero & Maxi Prado started dancing serveral years ago sharing the same
body language and their enormous passion for Jazz and dance. Both trained in
different disciplines, they dance a Lindy Hop characterized by smooth
connection, sensitivity &  fluidity.

At the same time they deeply identify with Authentic music and vernacular
movement thoug has artists of improvisation they fuse and mix in all kind of
styles into their swing dancing. Their teaching and performance is
passionate and dedicated to innovation and research aiming to develop a
dance accessible to everyone, dedicating their lifes to teach and perform
Swing Dances around the globe.
Talea Niesel & Holger Niesel

María Ferrer & Aurélien Darbellay

María and Aurélien think about their dance as a space of three-sided dialogue, where collective dynamics combine with individual expression and musical inspiration. They emphasize rhythmical playfulness, and different ways of interacting with the music and each other. They like to pay attention both to the moments when individuality smoothly fits into the collective flow, and to the moments when tension arises and resolves. They embrace with curiosity, doubts and joy the responsibility of sharing an artform that was born in the African-American community, in a social and cultural context very different from their own.
Sometimes you are up for a chill conversation, sometimes you want to go deeper. Their classes are a mix of both.

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